Lauren is in love. But, to most of her friends, a group of life long friends, this is a secret. Lauren has decided to throw an engagement party for her childhood friend Ryan, and Ashley. Things start off well, when other mutual friends arrive to the party, but when the Guests of Honor arrive late, and in a huge fight, awkward tension fills the air and sets the tone for the rest of the dinner.

The anxiety created by the dramatic irony, and the hysterical, personal, and irreverent conversations between the best of friends, help reveal more than what’s on the surface. Witty banter infused with genuine opinions about sex, love, and relationships help steer the conversation to reveal Lauren’s love for Ryan, a shocking revelation that silences the entire tableā€¦ everyone except for Ashley.

Things heat up so much that we see the ending of one relationship, and the budding potential of a new one.


In life, there is most of the time, no clear beginning, middle, and end to one's situation or story. That's life. Life is about not knowing, it's about changing and evolving, it's about rolling with the punches, and it's about making the best of whatever hand your dealt. Not knowing what happens next, that ambiguity, is what makes this life so painful, and so beautiful at the same time. Our own production mirrored our story in that we hit the ground running. Shot in just two days, the production process gave the film a bit of the chaotic energy that it so wonderfully exudes. Influenced and inspired by a certain vérité style, shot with natural lighting, and hand held cameras, the audience will feel as though they’re at the party, and have been plopped into an already established life where these characters have been friends for years and have a rich history.

This film is also an accurate study of human behavior, and a relevant representation of friendship and love within the dynamic of each different relationship. The film challenges the audience’s perception of love in its different forms; there’s a thin line between romantic love, friendship, and sex. At the end we witness the dinner party implode on itself, and at its foundation it’s about each individual’s perspective within the dynamic of the group of close friends in the middle of a traumatic and shocking event that makes the film really interesting. It’s just as important what’s not being said, as it is what is being said. Because human beings, very rarely say exactly what’s on their mind. The truth behind what’s being said is almost always found in the behavior. It’s painful. It’s hilarious. It’s awkward. It’s chaotic. It’s loving. It’s delicious. It’s ambiguous. It’s Delicious Ambiguity.

-Justin Canel,
Writer/Director for Delicious Ambiguity


© 2013 Come What May Productions